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Compositions by Nikolai Kapustin

2004/1/20 renewed
Op.TitleInstrumentsYearPublisherPub. YearNo.
1A Concertino for Piano and OrchestraPiano & Orchestra1957

2A Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.1Piano & Orchestra1961

3VariationPiano & Big-Band1962

4Chorale and Fugue for orchestraOrchestra1962

5Piece for trumpet and orchestraTrumpet and Orchestra1962

6Rose-Marie, fantasia for orchestraOrchestra1963

7Fantasia on three childrens songs for orchestraOrchestra1963

8Toccata for piano and orchestraPiano & Orchestra1964

9The Trial, piece for orchestraOrchestra1966

10Gigue for pianoPiano1966

11Estacade for big bandBig-Band1966


13Intermezzo for piano and orchestraPiano and Orchestra1968

14A Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.2Piano & Orchestra1974

15The Forest Story for orchestraOrchestra1972

16Nocturne in G major for piano and orchestraPiano & Orchestra1972

17Three Pieces for orchestraOrchestra1972

18Four Pieces for instrumental ensembleInstruments Ensemble1973

19Etude for Piano and OrchestraPiano & Orchestra1974Sikorski

20NocturnePiano & Orchestra1974

22Piece for five saxophones and orchestraFive Saxphones & Orchestra1975

23EnigmaBig-Band1975Sovetskij Kompozitor19856889
24March for orchestraOrchestra1975

25A Concert Rhapsody for piano and Orchestra Piano & Orchestra1976

26Day-Break (=Sunrise)Piano1976Muzyka198412707
26ADay-Break (=Sunrise)Orchestra1976

27Fantasia for jazz quartetJazz Quartet1976

28Suite In the Old StylePiano1977Muzyka198412571
29Scherzo for piano and orchestraPiano & Orchestra1978

30A Two-movement Concerto for OrchestraOrchestra1980

31Elegy for orchestraOrchestra1980

32The Wind from the North, piece for orchestraOrchestra1981

33Piece for two pianos and orchestraTwo Pianos and Orchestra1982

34Meridian, piece for orchestraOrchestra1982

35Closed Curve for orchestraOrchestra1982

37The Pleasant Meeting, piece for orchestraOrchestra1983

38Presentiment, piece for orchestraOrchestra1983

39Piano Sonata No.1 (= Sonata-Fantasia)Piano1984Muzyka199014454
40Eight Concert Studies For PianoPiano1984Sovetskij Kompozitor, Tri-m1987, 2002c7814k
42A Rush Hour for ensembleEnsemble1985

43An April Day for ensembleEnsemble1985

44The Morning for ensembleEnsemble1985

45Motive ForcePiano1985Muzyka198613533
46Big Band Sounds (The Sounds Of Big-Band)Piano1986Muzyka198713698
47Contemplation (Meditation)Piano1987Muzyka198814121
48A Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.3Piano & Orchestra1985


50A Concerto for Alto Saxophone and OrchestraAlto Saxophone & Orchestra1987

51Overture for big-bandBig-Band1987

52Intrada, piece for big-bandBig-Band1988

5324 PreludesPiano1988Sovetskij Kompozitor19919247
54Piano Sonata No.2Piano1989

55Piano Sonata No.3Piano1990

56A Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.4Piano & Orchestra1989

57Chamber SymphonyChamber Orchestra1990


59Ten BagatellesPiano1991

60Piano Sonata No.4Piano1991

61Piano Sonata No.5Piano1991

62Piano Sonata No.6Piano1991

63Sonata for Cello and Piano No.1Cello & Piano1991

64Piano Sonata No.7Piano1991


66Three ImpromtusPiano1991

67Three EtudesPiano1992

68Five Etudes in Different IntervalsPiano1992

69Sonata for Viola & PianoViola & Piano1992

70Sonata for Violin & PianoViolin & Piano1992


72A Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.5Piano & Orchestra1993

73Ten InventionsPiano1993

74A Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.6Piano & Orchestra1993


76Concerto for Double-Bass and Symphony OrchestraDouble-Bass & Orchestra1994Bonn1999
77Piano Sonata No.8Piano1995

78Piano Sonata No.9Piano1995Tri-m2002
79Piece for SextetChamber1995

80Theme & VariationsPiano1996

81Piano Sonata No.10Piano1996

8224 Preludes and FuguesPiano1997


84Sonata for Cello and Piano No.2Cello & Piano1997

85Concerto for Cello and OrchestraCello & Orchestra1997

86Trio for Flute, Cello & PianoFlute, Cello & Piano1998

87Seven Polyphonic Pieces for Left HandPiano1998

88String QuartetChamber1998

89Piano QuintetChamber & Piano1998

90Concerto for Eleven Instruments?1998

91Divertissement for Two Flutes, Cello & PianoFlute, Cello & Piano1998

92Suite for PianoPiano1999

93Introduction and Scherzino for Cello soloCello1999



96ElegyCello & Piano1999

97BurlesqueCello & Piano1999

98Nearly Waltz" for cello and pianoCello & Piano1999

99Duet for alto-saxophone and celloAlto Saxophone & Piano1999

100Sonatina for pianoPiano2000

101Piano Sonata No. 11 "TwickinhamPiano2000

102Piano Sonata No. 12Piano2001

103Concerto No. 2 for cello and string orchestraCello & String Orchestra2002

104Concert for two pianos and percussionTwo Pianos & percussion2002

105Concert for violin, piano and string orchestraViolin, Piano & String Orchestra2002

106Suite for viola, alto-saxophone, piano and bassViola, Alto-saxophone, piano & Bass2002

107Variations on "Sweet Georgia Brown" for pianoPiano2002

108Parafrase on the theme of Paul Dvoirin for pianoPiano2003

109Piece for pianoPiano2003

110Piano Sonata No.13Piano2003

111Piano piece (this title is unknown)Piano2003

112Piano piece (this title is unknown)Piano2003

113Piano piece (this title is unknown)Piano2003

114Piano piece (this title is unknown)Piano2003

115Fantasia for pianoPiano2003

116Rondoletto for pianoPiano2003